Again Z PRO Rechargeable Skittles 5500puffs


The again Z PRO Rechargeable Disposable is here! The again Z PRO Rechargeable Disposable is a rechargeable disposable vape device that provides you approximately 5500 puffs. That’s 5500 puffs of non stop goodness, again Z PRO is pre-filled with 12ml of their amazing flavours. The battery on the again Z PRO is huge and gives you the capability to charge via TYPE C (not included) so you have a good battery life that you can also charge on the go; get the most out of your again Z PRO rechargeable disposable. This is the smoothest disposable out now !



  • Skittles flavour
  • 5500 Puffs
  • 12ml E-Liquid capacity
  • 650mAh battery (rechargeable)
  • 1.2 ohm resistance


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